imea imea
amerika birleşik devletleri
united states of america
elli tane eyalet ve bir tane federal bölgeden oluşan bir federal anayasal cumhuriyettir.
feridun bitirr feridun bitirr
most powerful country on earth. his economic, political, military power and scientific superiority make him powerful, leader and ruler in the world. contrary to researches showing china super power in future, the us will keep his edge, dominate world politics, lead the way in scientific developments and provide a haven to foreigners who suffer from repressive regimes in their homelands. the last one is generally ruled out; not mulled enough. the us could be seen as a big evil by some muslim countries and communists; but refugues and foreigners, more than predicted, consider the us as a haven, maybe a heaven, a place to be lived safely, and a place where children are fed in liberty, making the us irreplaceable country.